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Prezzo: € 105,00

Triplice pickup per chitarra: humbucker, single coil e P90 in un colpo solo!

It's a full-size humbucker that splits to a full-size P-90; and P-Rails are available in both neck and bridge-calibrated positions. In a guitar setup for two humbuckers, a pair of P-Rails will give even the greediest guitarist the best of both humbucker and P-90 worlds. A single two-way switch (push-pull or mini-toggle) allows the player to switch between both full-size humbucker and P-90 sounds. But the greediest guitarists would not be content with merely two great and as-yet unachievable tones in the same guitar. No... the greediest guitarists would also want the unmistakable chime and "cluck" of the legendary Stratocaster® as well. For them, P-Rails delivers, thanks to its Alnico-powered rail pickup. A three-way switch (DPDT on-off-on) brings in the added dimension of an authentic-sounding vintage Strat®. And, when both the neck and bridge rails are used together, the tone is reminiscent of the "2" and "4" sounds on a great Strat's five-way pickup selector switch. P-Rails are available individually or in a neck and bridge set. Other than the addition of the switch, no other modification is necessary to achieve a wide variety of classic guitar tones

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